The Prevention Functions of Pipe and Fitting Sealants

Seals are components used to assemble various pipes and fittings where prevention of gas or liquid leakage is essential. Seals are termed as Gaskets where they are used to prevent leakage between two stationary objects. For example, Angular Rib Gasket and Seal Manufacturers provide companies with Angular Rib Gasket, Rubber Gaskets and Concrete Pipe Seals to industries involved in micro tunneling and jacking pipe applications.

Although Sealants have a number of different functions, the main purpose of using a sealant is to close the gap between two joining materials.Some functions Seals may be required to perform are-

  • Seals are used to control the location of flowing fluid. For example, in a car engine, the piston ring Seal is applied to hold the compressed gas in the position above the piston.
  • Using Seals helps to prevent the escape of lubricant from a device or vehicle. For example, Car engine Seals are used in vehicles to control the loss of lubricating oil from the engine.
  • Seals are the most useful and efficient way to prevent contaminations. For instance, Seals are applied in a food processor in order to prevent contamination of food as grease can flow into the food chamber from working parts.
  • Seals are also used in electronics to keep out dust from entering into fragile parts such as chips, processor used in cameras, laptops and mobiles. Dust particles can ruin the smooth operation of electronics parts and are therefore used in certain electronics to prevent dust from settling in useful parts.
  • Sealants not only help in preventing leakages, but also help in preventing environmental damage and pollution, for instance, these Seals are applied on a CFC-based refrigeration system to restrict the refrigerant from escaping into the atmosphere.

Sealants have been used in various machines since few years back to ensure their smooth operation and maintenance.